20 Oct 2014

(على أيري الجمهور (كاملة

على أيري الجمهور بيسمع ولا ما يسمع الناس والحضور لي قشع ولا ما يقشع على أيري الحرية والدمقراطية على أيري هالغنية آخرها والمطلع على أيري الCDيات انباعوا ولّا بقيوا ما كل المصريات الّي طلعتن رجعوا على أيري
18 Oct 2014

Lik el 3ama b albek ma ajla2ik

The Buzz Advertisement but mafi metlo style !   Original Ad :    Ma fi Metlo way :
16 Oct 2014

Mac from Apple 1984-2014 in one image

The revolution of Mac from apple since 1984 till 2013 .  
15 Oct 2014

Why Tennis is considered the sexiest sport on earth

Football is all about men running after a ball , Golf is all about rich men showing off , Baseball is all about men running a circle but tennis is all about hot girls wearing skirts , inu Neswein
15 Oct 2014

3ala ayri el joumhour (full version) +18 – Pierre Hachach

Pierre Hachach mish awal  marah mnesma3 fi , well this guy nezel bil inti5abat few years ago ta7et esem NAYEB EL A5DAR will yabes , w now with this song Pierre  mich mtawal ta yzoor again al-raed
13 Oct 2014

Only in Lebanon , Iphone Five 6

Inu mneeh ma ken esmu Iphone Three Four Five  6  ….   
12 Oct 2014

أصابيع رجليكي – الفنان فراس الحمزاوي – Fingers foot

After La tizi La Terja3i Song , if you missed it click here to Listen The great Arab singer FIRAS HAMZAWE yali ma fi words btoosuf his quality of songs nazal new hit song esma Fingers foot !
11 Oct 2014

Tony Franjieh Car Accident , a simple way how politicians see the situation in Lebanon

Most of us heard about the car accident la Najel  al-Nayeb salman franjieh Tony , well yes its Qadaa2 and Qadar and any one m3arad to be in the same situation , but bi ma enu Tony
10 Oct 2014

Samsoom Gemayel

Sami Gemayel or SAMSOOM el 3arab defense strategy , Ya3ne sara7a lezem el Russian Force  ye5du kermel el tactic el 7arbe !  
6 Oct 2014

Bassam Zahalan The New Drifting King

Narfouzi and Bassam Zahalan are now  The 2014 Lebanon Red Bull CPD King of Drift Bassam Zahalan is from Aley , w ma3roof 3anu his Love for cars since a long time , last year he was
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