21 Sep 2014


Inu machkureen el U.S Army 3a karamun w tesleee7 our Lebanese army bi this super fighter plane !Inu a cessna you can shoot it down by a stone !  We mich bas heik 3emlula la chagle ceremony
18 Sep 2014

Video : Passenger Scandals

A former Flight attendant Shon Cathlet , Fata7et page on facebook about the mess passengers do during a flight ! w aktar chi akid almost everyone do is that ymedu ejrayun  w hal osas , but fi
17 Sep 2014

Religion in Lebanon

The Situation in Lebanon in one picture and the rest no comments …   
14 Sep 2014

Couple caught having sex in the McDonald’s Bathroom

Couple caught having sex in the McDonald’s Bathroom        
14 Sep 2014

SnapChat Images Leaked

Some Snapchat Images Leaked , So be careful Guys , alway be careful what you upload , remember social networks are not for your dad , anyone can access them !
13 Sep 2014

Jad Himo Death Mystery

Jad Himo the  Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013 Middle East Champion,  Jad was just 21 when he committed suicide on the Beirut-Metn Highway   . Jad Himo Ken 3endu kil chi aya chab lebnene Byehlam fi ! First he
13 Sep 2014

Casino Piscine Aley 1950 Rare Pictures

Between 1892 and 1895, a railroad passing through Aley, that linked both Beirut and Damascus, was built. The train station became a meeting point for travelers, a point of significance for all sorts of people coming through
8 Sep 2014

Walid Beik Jumblat at Kababji

Walid Beik Jumblat spotted at Kababji Restaurant , mitel ma mbayan chabeb el kababji tawalu 3al beik , bas mnetmana ykoon see5 el la7me 3a zawku lal beik .  
5 Sep 2014

Lesbians in Beirut 18 +

Lebanon Bala el 3ajayeb  , from snow to beach in one day , from war to night life in one day , and lately from da3ech to lesbians also in one day . this video show 2 lesbians in public
3 Sep 2014

A real Superman in Dubai

Are you in a boring class , the world needs you , then watch this video .    
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