30 Sep 2014

Video: A Lebanese passenger at Sydney Airport Goes Nuts !

If you go to paris , Sydney , spain or any airport in the world you will directly notice the difference between any  passenger  and a Lebanese passenger , its simple you will hear loud voices alot
28 Sep 2014

What Not To Wear in Lebanon: A Guide for Men

Men should only be allowed to wear two things: slacks and a shirt. The end. If you were a Lord during feudal times, you had the option of wearing slightly fancier slacks and a fancier shirt, and
27 Sep 2014

Rape, War and Boobs [NSFW]

What offends us more… Nudity – the picture of a boob that fed us; a vagina that brought us to life. Or Women forced to cover, banned from driving, banned from visiting a doctor without a patron, raped
27 Sep 2014

Video : Worst Bride , Groom and wedding ever !

Just watch the video and you will know why this is the worst wedding ever !    
24 Sep 2014

Advertisement GRAND HOTEL D’ALEY ( JBEILY ) 1931

Grand Hotel d’Aley ( Jbeily ) Aw Funduk Aley Al Kbeer Jbeily min Aqdam el hotels in Lebanon and its located in Aley City  w Ken Awal Hotel b jabal lebnen the second one was Sawfar Grand Hotel
24 Sep 2014

Selfie w her Dead Body 5alfy

Ma7subukun ken magroom ktir b sa7ebtu , w lama twafet ( El 3umor elkun ) he stole her body , and took a selfie with her , w mich bas heik he published his selfie  on facebook
21 Sep 2014


Inu machkureen el U.S Army 3a karamun w tesleee7 our Lebanese army bi this super fighter plane !Inu a cessna you can shoot it down by a stone !  We mich bas heik 3emlula la chagle ceremony
18 Sep 2014

Video : Passenger Scandals

A former Flight attendant Shon Cathlet , Fata7et page on facebook about the mess passengers do during a flight ! w aktar chi akid almost everyone do is that ymedu ejrayun  w hal osas , but fi
17 Sep 2014

Religion in Lebanon

The Situation in Lebanon in one picture and the rest no comments …   
14 Sep 2014

Couple caught having sex in the McDonald’s Bathroom

Couple caught having sex in the McDonald’s Bathroom        
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