25 Oct 2014

Dima Sadek and Houda Drunk on air !

LBCI Published sketch mahdoom la Dima Sadek and Houda , maybe  fakaru inu kenu off air , w balachu ye3ezmu ba3d 3al 3acha , so watch the video to know chu sar !   ;  
24 Oct 2014

Aywa Aywa Bayt 3alam al deen Balachu ychab7u 3a bayt clooney !

El Sheik George Clooney or  ( Qloony ) 3emel 3acha la 3aylet  martu Amal , so bayt 3alam al deen mesku  hal telefone w balachu ye3ezmu Walid beik , Talal Erslan , Marwan Hmede , w akid
24 Oct 2014

Boyfriend Catches his Girlfriend cheating , so he publish what he saw on facebook !

Chab 7emich ktir w rasu ma bye7emlu , he caught his girlfriend cheating with her room mate , so Angaret ma3u and posted there pic on facebook , hala2 el ajdab menu is his 100 + Like
22 Oct 2014

10 Reasons why Ebola wont even think in coming to lebanon

Every where in the world worried about the killer virus Ebola , ila 3ena b Lebnen no worries , inu why Ebola will even think to come la 3enna , there are more than 10 reasons to
22 Oct 2014

Some People are alive coz its illegal killing them, check hal kam ahbal !

  Here we go again. 1. This world’s worst Spanish student: ( By the Way , Abuela is Grandmother in spanish )   2. This mathematician:     3. The craziest man alive:   4. The world’s worst twin:   5.This
21 Oct 2014

Ya ghassan – Pierre Hashash

A funny song about Ghassan Rahbani by Pierre Hashash performed by george k      
20 Oct 2014

(على أيري الجمهور (كاملة

على أيري الجمهور بيسمع ولا ما يسمع الناس والحضور لي قشع ولا ما يقشع على أيري الحرية والدمقراطية على أيري هالغنية آخرها والمطلع على أيري الCDيات انباعوا ولّا بقيوا ما كل المصريات الّي طلعتن رجعوا على أيري
18 Oct 2014

Lik el 3ama b albek ma ajla2ik

The Buzz Advertisement but mafi metlo style !   Original Ad :    Ma fi Metlo way :
16 Oct 2014

Mac from Apple 1984-2014 in one image

The revolution of Mac from apple since 1984 till 2013 .  
15 Oct 2014

Why Tennis is considered the sexiest sport on earth

Football is all about men running after a ball , Golf is all about rich men showing off , Baseball is all about men running a circle but tennis is all about hot girls wearing skirts , inu Neswein
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